Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Charles Manson's Hollywood

My newest obsession is podcasts.  I subscribe to so many, but can really only listen to so many each week!  But I will list some of my favorite podcasts and episodes.
A lot of my podcasts are comedy, true crime, movies or history.  Let’s face it, we all love true crime and I didn’t pay attention much in high school history, so it’s educational!

But currently I have just finished listening to “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” on “YouMust Remember This” podcast.  I cannot express how good this series is.
It’s a 12 part series and it really gives A LOT of detail on this story.  I was born after this happened, so I just know the face value info on Charles Manson and what occurred.  This series gave me so much more insight and provided so much detail that I was hooked and couldn’t wait to hear it all!  There were so many different people involved as well and it gives a detailed history on all. 
I give this a 5 star rating and recommend that everyone listen to this.  You will be surprised at all of the background and history.  The creator of this podcast/series does a wonderful job with the research and not leaving anything out.  It's available on ITunes and have included a direct link to the podcast website.

Moral of the story on this:  Drugs are bad M’kay

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